Swot Analysis for Determining the Tourism Potentials of Certain Regions: Akçakoca

Öznur Bozkurt, Yusuf Altundaş


The aim of this research is to develop the ideas for improving the tourism in the district by determining the advantages and the disadvantages of Akçakoca. Furthermore, there are also some data information about the opportunities and the threats, which are available or might be available in the future in the frame of tourism. In this context, some negotiations as semi-structured interviews have been done with the representatives of both the government and the private sectors who have significant roles of regional tourism of Akçakoca. For resolving of the data, categorical analysis was used as a content analysis. According to the obtained findings, the most valuable tips of Akçakoca tourism are the rich history, the geographical location, climate, natural resources and uncorrupted neighbourhood. The weakness of Akçakoca are: the residents of the region who are not conscious enough for the tourism capacity, the lack of advertising and marketing and tha lack of communication and coordination among the foundations. In addition, for these it is seen as an opportunity that the district has alternative tourism opportunities but the weaknesses of the city’s touristic image are accepted as the biggest threat factor. 

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