Managerial Roles for Health Services: Quinn’s Competing Values Framework (CVF) Model

Gamze Bayın DONAR, İlkay Sevinç TURAÇ


The Competing Values Model developed by Quinn (1988) defines eight roles or behaviours that are required of managers in any organization. The eight roles are innovator, broker, producer, director, coordinator, monitor, facilitator and mentor. While managers may have strengths in certain roles, main goal is to achieve balance using each of the eight roles. The aim of this study is to understand the managerial roles within health services, to determine the factors, which influence these roles, and to explain skills and knowledge required these roles. It can be suggested that based on Quinn's model, studies which defined the differences managerial roles of medical, administrative and support personnel in health care institutions, determined managerial roles according to the ownership of health care institutions and uncovered the factors affected the managerial roles, should be done.

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