Undestanding The Factors That Influence Mobile Buying Behavior Of Young Turkish Consumers: An Empirical Investigation

Aslı KURT, Kutalmış Emre CEYLAN


While the number of internet users is increasing nowadays; businesses are also developing new online technologies to deliver their products and services to consumers through these channels. According to TUIK’s 2016 data 96% of the household in our country have mobile phones or smart phones. The widespread use of smartphones has introduced consumers new concepts such as "mobile application" in which consumers have shown great interest. A survey shows that the number of downloads of Apple's applications has been 100 billion since 2008. These applications, has also changed the direction of businesses' marketing strategies since the rate of individuals who use the Internet for purchasing or purchasing goods or services for personal use over the internet has increased by 1 percentage point to 2015 and is 34.1%. This is mainly due to the fact that mobile applications provide more economical and practical solutions for users. Consumers may save time and energy by accessing the products and services and making comparisons more easily. Mobile applications alleviate their burdens by not only saving consumers but also businesses from extra costs. Considering these current situations, mobile shopping practices have been introduced by businesses to potential consumers and users as new products to create more shopping opportunities with mobile devices that are using new devices. Innovative businesses have an exciting opportunity to reach consumers through a new communication channel. The determination of the basic dynamics of consumer behavior in purchases made through mobile applications is important for the development of accurate marketing strategies.

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